Week 8: My Creative Process

For my midterm blog, I wanted to combine two topics that I enjoy pursuing in my free time: travel and food. I am always looking for unique experiences, and I love to experience new cultures, whether they are found in a different country or right here at Rutgers. There are several key features of my blog that were well thought out. The background is a parchment paper design, which is representative of both food and travel. The paper reminds me of the type of paper that cartographers would use to create maps when they were still in use in that capacity. It brings in that old-world charm that accompanied travel, as it incorporates the spirit of adventure and the unknown. The background also reminds me of the type of paper that you might find in use in several countries to wrap up street food at local vendors’ shops. The thought of eating good, local food in a new city is comforting and exciting to me, and I feel like those emotions represent the blog well. The background is also representative of people cooking at home. It is similar to parchment cooking paper that is used in countless kitchens, and represents the joy of finding a new recipe to try and sharing that food with those that you love. My header has two images, one of which (the background) is my own image, taken outside of Borough Market in London, England. The forefront represents the excitement that travel and food bring to me, as well as others. I wanted the blog to have a lively, fun appearance and I felt that the hustle and bustle of the picture and the catchy slogan would capture this. I tried to model my blog after the blog that I used for our class assignments, because I have had hands-on experience working on that blog. After using the original blog, I have found it much easier to produce my midterm blog. The midterm blog differs greatly from my class blog because it has a much crisper, professional look to it. This is because the midterm blog was designed to be functional and user-friendly, rather than a canvas for trying out new programs and tools that I have learned about in class.


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